1. Personal
1. A signed copy of It’s BeautiFUR To Be Me by Donald Chow
2. Half of a loved one’s photograph
3. Your ‘About Me’ tape for a dating website
4. A misplaced teddy bear
5. A backpack
6. A pretty locket with a lock of hair inside

2. Sexual fetish
1. A furry’s missing tail
2. A dragon dildo. No. Seriously.
3. A 30" riding crop
4. Shock collar
5. A three dollar “all night” Asian spa token
6. A mortician’s black bag and a jug of phenolic acid

3. Weapon
1. A large dog bone
2. 500 Cal Magnum
3. Pepper spray
4. Shock collar
6. A fully functional replica of Thirty Thirty’s Sara Jane

4. “Professional”
1. An audio recording device
2. Secret video camera
3. Microphone…but no recording device
4. A home-burned DVD
5. Night vision goggles and flexi-cuffs
6. A stalker’s notebook

5. Handmade
1. Cat-ear fleece cap
2. An oversized plush toy
3. A sketch of a popular artist
4. Half a fur suit
5. Two-toned fur costume (eg, a chimpanzee’s derriere with a horse head)
6. Hacky-sack shaped like a panda’s head

6. Mischief
1. Someone else’s badge
2. A misleading sign
3. A trashed hotel room
4. A lost (but still working) cell phone
5. A stolen room key
6. The bottom half of someone else’s fur costume


some inspiration taken from the core book for Fiasco, and others from Ewen Cluney


FurCon 2012 JACooper