1. In the hotel

    1. A bathroom stall
    2. A private suite
    3. The hotel bar
    4. Reception
    5. The smoking area by the front door
    6. Staff’s laundry room

  2. Conference rooms

    1. The vendor’s hall
    2. Meeting room no. 3
    3. Screening of Disney’s “Robin Hood” – Themed costume encouraged!
    4. Fanzine exchange room
    5. Artist’s alley
    6. The Frankensuit competition room

  3. Thematic panels

    1. Furries in Victorian fiction
    2. Furries in Pop Culture: too much or not enough?
    3. Furrrs and Grrls: An Ethnographic Exploration
    4. The enduring influence of Steve Gallacci
    5. Your fursona and you: Becoming the beast
    6. Scalies and Furries: Is there hope for Peace? With special guest panelist, Chris Sawyer

  4. Around Town

    1. A gas station/convenience store
    2. Used book seller
    3. Local bar and grill with special furry themed menu
    4. A McDonald’s with sticky floors
    5. A kennel
    6. The local humane society

  5. Just outside the convention center

    1. The small park that is really an open air drug market
    2. The abandoned office building
    3. The subway stop
    4. The mall
    5. The bus stop
    6. Starbucks, rethemed to be SparkleBucks

  6. The con next door

    1. A comic con
    2. A gaming con
    3. An anime con
    4. A horror con
    5. A Star Trek con
    6. A model train con


some inspiration taken from Ewen Cluney


FurCon 2012 JACooper