1. In Fur!

    1. Two furries who met at last year’s con and fell in love
    2. A furry and a scaly
    3. Someone in a fur suit (who isn’t a furry) stalking their ex (who is a furry)
    4. The gay furry and the straight furry they fell in love with
    5. Two basketball mascots
    6. Teenage furry and their mom who took them to the con

  2. Mundanes

    1. Boyfriend and girlfriend
    2. Friends who hit the wrong con
    3. Identical twins
    4. Newlyweds
    5. A Trekkie at the wrong con – but it’s cool, because they’re in Antican cosplay – and an oblivious puppy furry
    6. Protective older brother and little sister

  3. Staff

    1. Poor college students who are only working this gig to pay for spring break
    2. The closet furry and the one with the phobia
    3. The hotel manager and Latina maid
    4. Restaurant server and host(ess)
    5. Bar tender and patron
    6. Massage therapist from the hotel spa and client

  4. Celebs

    1. Adoring fan and has-been celeb
    2. Star on a reality show and the person filming them
    3. Fan mistaken for celeb and adoring fan
    4. Extras from Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin
    5. Aspiring celeb and their agent (who could only book them for this con)
    6. Celeb who just wants to be left alone…and adoring fan

  5. Press

    1. Two bloggers
    2. A podcast host and a blogger who don’t like each other’s medium
    3. Mainstream press and con-goer
    4. Aspiring web manager for the breakout lolcatz site ‘FancyCatz’ and con-goer in full fur suit
    5. Aids to Anderson Cooper and Glenn Beck
    6. Local newspaper reporter and con organizer

  6. Criminal

    1. A bank robber undercover at the con and the police officer hunting him down
    2. Thieve and victim
    3. Con man and the mark
    4. Little shit teenager and con-goer
    5. Ecstasy dealer and buyer
    6. Embezzler and convention accountant



FurCon 2012 JACooper